My Teaching Career.

"Being someone's favorite teacher is by far one of the best compliments you can ever receive." -Teacher Jenealle Lynch

I am a retired teacher of 28.5 years. I had a stellar career teaching over 3000 students. I taught literature and my forte was essay writing. My students wrote essays every week. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire teaching process. I loved grading essays! Nothing is better than watching an eighth grade student excel and then thank you for teaching them how to write. I taught a two month unit of the Holocaust. Our theme for the year was tolerance and acceptance. I live by that motto. I spent 23.5 years in the same classroom: (#14). It became my second home. Students came before school and at lunch to be in my classroom. It was a “Safe Zone” and I prided myself on that. Teachers are not made. It is innate. I’m honored to have had an incredible career.

My Students Work.



Thank you for everything you ever taught us Ms. Davis! I'm so grateful that I had the chance to be your student because you have taught me so much, both inside the classroom and outside. Everyone who walked in your door has walked out a better person because of you. We all love you and will miss you a lot but we are all so happy for you! Thank you again for everything Ms. Davis!

Genn Jimenez

Mrs. Davis!!! I am sure you've received thanks on this topic before, but I wated to say thank you for teaching a whole unit on tolerance. I think SAUSD does a pretty decent job on education children to be tolerant and understanding of other cultures. However, your unit at that age (I had you for 8th) was so touching. And in the wake of the current state of our nation, I just wanted to say thank you for being a teacher who taught such an important unit. Something that still stays with me almost 20 years later.

Javier Ubach

It may not be in this years yearbook but what you taught me will stay with me for the rest of my life. Tolerance and acceptance. Thank you for that!

Kelsy Perez

I am so glad I have gotten the chance to have you as my teacher. Your class and you will always have a special place in my heart. I hope your last year of teaching will end on an amazing note. Thank you for everything.

Anthony Neal

Ms. Davis! Thanks for inspiring me 15 years ago. You truly have no clue how much an impact you made. I also got an A on my college thesis writing exactly how you showed me. You deserve this!

Marissa Alarcon

Well said Ms. Davis, you will always be the best teacher I ever had!!! You taught me how to be a great writer and it saddens me to know how unappreciative society today is to out educators. I still miss the good times in out class! It was the best.

Martha Saldana Alarcon

My girls are terrific writers because of you! You were tough, but truly one of the best educators of SAUSD! We love you Ms. Davis!


You are such a wonderful teacher and thankfully I got to be your student. Every student you've had is really lucky. I've learned a lot in your class and all the memories made in there will always stay. Sadly my sister won't be able to have you as her teacher but I wish she did! Thanks for being on of the best teachers I've ever had.